Fitness Tip: DROP IT – Love and Pride

Fitness Tip: DROP IT

By Susan Howard, Personal Trainer


Drop it like a hot potato.

A lot of times my blogs are of spirit and inspiration; this one is about getting CUT UP.  So take note, print this one and take if with you to the gym.

Drop sets mean exactly that: you start with one weight, you drop them down and pick up different weights –lighter ones– and repeat the same move.

Let’s take a chest press for example.  Pick up a fairly heavy weight; chicks might use 20 lb/10 lb and dudes maybe 50 lb/30 lb dumbbells.  Your first set is 10 reps. Then, without stopping, drop down the heavies and grab the lighter set for 10 more reps. Rest for one minute, then go again, and then go again.  Three sets in all.  The first set you are working power; the drop set gets you more into muscular endurance.

You should try this pattern with rows, pull downs, curls, shoulder presses,  and squats. You could even do a weighted crunch, then a drop the weight and do the same move using only your body weight.

Okay stop reading and get dropping.

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