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Holiday Gift Ideas

By: Jenna Smith

Holiday Gift Ideas for Young Adults

Choosing the right Christmas gift for the young adults in your life can be challenging. Why? Because their choices are so unique, and their preferences change all the time. But there are a few presents that will always work… no matter what. Throughout the month of December keep an eye out for gift guides for more fun suggestions.

#1: iPad 2 Tablet

Who isn’t looking for tech toys?  Young adults are constantly seeking the next new gadget to add to their collection. So why not surprise him/her with a brand new iPad 2 this Christmas?

It’s feature rich –from FaceTime to ten hours’ of battery life– the iPad 2 is designed to help you make the most out of its amazing iOS 5 operating system. Your recipient will find this tablet gift extremely resourceful and cool.

#2: Neocube Puzzle

So what’s Neocube? No it’s not the new version of the Rubik’s cube. It’s actually a 216-piece magnet puzzle that most young adults will have fun playing around with. It lets the player create an almost endless number of patterns and shapes, which is what makes it so cool.


Giving the Neocube as a gift is not just gifting something popular to your recipient; it’s also about helping them fight boredom, beat stress and yes, get some dual brain hemisphere stimulation. This high energy puzzle makes the perfect present for someone who’s always looking for new ways of entertainment.

#3: Pop Culture Clothing

Is your gift recipient someone who’s into superheros and movies and everything pop culture? If your answer’s “yes”, then you may want to find out what superhero, tv show, movie or video game he’s a big fan of and give him a shirt that matches it.
Have fun with themes like “Back to the Future” and many other fun games and movies!  StylinOnline is a cool online store with a lot of variety where you can buy pop culture clothing .

Holiday gift shopping can be cumbersome, especially when you’re out to buy something special and personal. Good luck out there and share your fun ideas with The Next Family.

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