Holiday Rules – Love and Pride

Holiday Rules

By Susan Howard

Holidays are upon us and I want to remind you of the rules of the buffet road.

No seconds!!!  Make your first plate and then game over.

One (only one) full dessert OR small tastes of a few.

Don’t get egg nogged! Flag! 400 calories.

One or two drink maximum -three if you are a big dude.

Eat some eggs the morning of game day.

Before you start cooking, workout.  Once you are in the kitchen you’ll never make it out.

When choosing, get aggressive with vegetables and protein.

Holidays are not an excuse to over eat.  Why eat until you are stuffed?  Feeling bloated and gross -how is that a celebration?

Remember to be thankful for the health of yourself and your family.  Give thanks to a strong body that wakes up each morning and moves you about your day.

Make a new commitment to feeling great in your own skin.  It takes work, but doesn’t everything?

I give thanks to my clients and students for trusting me with their health and for working so hard throughout the year.  For my readers, stay inspired.


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