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Parenting: I Am a Mean Mom!

By Carol Rood

Some women say they are mean moms if they haven’t baked cookies for their kids, or made their sandwiches in the shape of a heart.  I know some moms who make their kids’ sandwiches and then cut off the crusts, and THEN use heart shaped cookie cutouts….really?

Some moms bake for their kids….some moms put little love notes in their kids’ lunches packed by the mom.  Some moms wake their kids up with hugs and kisses, and cuddles.

I am NOT one of those moms.

I am the mom who sleeps in after the kids are already up. (They get up at 5:45 and have to walk out the door to the bus at 6:45.)  I get up at 6:15, so I do get up before they leave for school. That way I can give them a hug and tell them to have a great day.  But if they oversleep I throw open their doors, and say, “I am NOT driving you to school….get your butt out of bed and get ready.” I am not a complete ogre.  If  they are really running late, I will help them out by packing their lunch, minus the love notes and WITH the crust on the bread.

My point is, I am a mean mom.

I made them eat vegetables.  I would say to them, “Eat your green beans, or you will go to bed.”  And then I would put them to bed if they didn’t eat the green beans.

My 15-year-old does have a cell phone, however, he pays his own bill every month.  If he cannot pay his bill because he didn’t do his chores, he gets no phone.  It comes to me.  In my house if you can’t pay for your cell phone bill yourself, you don’t get a cell phone.

My kids don’t have tvs in their rooms.  They share a computer that is in the family room.  I block access to certain websites, and I monitor what they do on the computer.  I also read their texts and I know their Facebook passwords and check their messages.  Basically my kids have limited privacy.

I make them do chores, and pay them their “age” each week for completed chores.  So the 16-year-old makes $16.00, the 14-year-old $14.00, etc.  If they do not complete their chores for the day I do not pay them for that day.  Oh, and when the 16-year-old gets a job I will stop his allowance, but he will still need to do some basic chores to contribute to the community in which he lives.  I figure if he eats my groceries, uses my electricity and hot water, he can empty the dishwasher and take out the trash.

I believe in tough love. I believe it is my job to turn these young, beautiful creatures who lack much in skills, common sense, and responsibility into mature, respectful, responsible, capable human beings before I turn them loose on the world.  And I take my job very seriously.

In short, I am a meanie. So if you are a mean (which really means caring, tough loving) parent, then unite with me!  We shall be honest about who we are and stand up for what we believe in!  “Mean” is good!!

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Carol Rood

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