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Parents: Finding Time for Your Shows

By Jennifer Smith


Hey parents, remember the days before kids when you could just veg out and watch your favorite TV show? Ever get to do that now?  Probably not. Being a parent means giving one-on-one attention to your little one during all waking hours. And by the time the kids are in bed, it’s often too late to watch the show you enjoy most. (And you can’t really watch that favorite show with the kids, since it’s most likely inappropriate for young eyes and minds.)

Using a streaming service gives parents the ability to watch the shows they enjoy at the time that works for them. Parents can stream “LOST” on Netflix in those early morning hours while the household is still asleep. (A show like “LOST” requires steady viewing, which is nearly impossible while the children are awake.) And for those nightowls, the streaming service is there so you can watch your favorites late at night, once the house is quiet.

With today’s services, parents don’t have to wait for encore presentations of their favorite shows; Internet streaming destinations offer entire seasons of shows that are still in production but have long since left the airwaves.

There are times when children can benefit from streaming sites too.  An ill child missing school can now watch her favorite shows, which can truly make the difference between a miserable sick day or a comfortable snuggle on the sofa.

For families who enjoy TV time together, family-friendly, educational programming is widely available online. Parents and children can learn and be entertained together. And best of all, they can do it on their own clock. Between work, dinners, homework, sports practices and games, and various social commitments, it is nearly impossible to catch a regularly scheduled television program.

This is why a solid streaming service is invaluable to today’s modern family.

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