Rising from the Ashes

By: Chris Coyne

I am so happy to share some amazing news.  Last Thursday afternoon I received a call from our Los Angeles-based adoption attorney. A little more then twenty four hours later Jon, CJ, and I were on a plane headed to Los Angeles to meet our three-week-old baby boy.

The past week has been so crazy.  We got off our plane a few hours before the birth mother arrived.  CJ was a champ in the airplane.  We did not really have a chance to talk to him much about the baby but he understood there was going to be a baby in California when we arrived.  We picked up a minivan, got our bags, and ran to our attorney’s office.  It was so strange to be back in Los Angeles and even weirder under these circumstances.  We dropped off a car seat at the attorney’s office and headed over to the hotel after going to a park so CJ could run and play and be CJ.  My mom and stepdad met us at the hotel and our attorney called us back.

The drive back was only a few minutes but it seemed like it was three seconds.  We arrived at the same time as our birth mother and attorney.  I grabbed her bags and she handed Jon the baby.  I have to tell the truth, I wanted to see his little face, but I could not look at him at first for fear that this wasn’t going to go well.  After a few introductions we went inside and Jon instructed me to grab our diaper bag because the baby needed changing after the long flight.  I did as I was told but walking out to the car I realized the birth mother was free of this child in her mind.  He was in our hands.  At this moment I realized I was about to change my three-week-old baby boy for the very first time.

I will not give too many details about our first diaper change, but I will say there was lots of poo and a sock ended up in the trash. We chit chatted a bit with the birth mother and we left for the hotel with two kids in car seats.  We were both expecting a call from the attorney asking for us to come back, but thankfully, it never came.

Announcing the birth of Baby Neil Patrick Coyne-Williams.

CJ took our first names: Christopher Jon.  Baby Neil took our middle names.   He was born March 30.  He is the best baby as he eats well, sleeps lots, and is truly loved.  I know from experience that one never gets over a failed adoption; the pain is reduced with time and then something amazing happens and  you open your heart and then a miracle happens.   We have had a very long journey to grow our family.  We would have never been able to accomplish it without the love and support from our amazing family, our special friends, a great attorney, and one of the best dry cleaners in the world.  If not for our neighborhood dry cleaner at Top Hat cleaners in West Hollywood our family would not be what it is today.

I have so much more to share but I don’t have the time.  I am currently in California, awaiting some final paperwork that will allow me to take Baby Neil home.  Jon and CJ are back at home because Jon had important meetings that he could not reschedule.  CJ is going to be an excellent big brother and I miss him like crazy.

More to come but where to start?

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