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Costco’s Secret Service and One Super Mom

By: Brandy Black

I sat watching Sophia play soccer with the twins and Uncle Troy this weekend.  A regular Saturday morning, except this time without our au pair or my wife to help get ready.   From the moment the three kids got up until soccer I was solo getting everyone dressed, fed, toys ready, blanket prepared, drinks for the big game and out the door. By the time we arrived to the field I was already exhausted and it was only 10AM.  Troy met me so that someone could cheer Sophia on while I juggled the babies making sure they didn’t crawl off somewhere.  I spied a mom peeking over at us which I’m quite used to; we are a spectacle.  I was ready for the comment, “Wow, a lot of work!” , “Double trouble” -we’ve heard it all.  But instead we chatted and I learned that she had twins and a singleton as well with a similar age spread.  I’m finding there are more big families out there than I thought and it eases my mind to know that others share the same pains and joys.  We laughed over how everyone calls us Super Mom and although it’s nice to hear we’d rather someone grab a baby or hold open the door.  It’s just another day for us.

But I digress. I truly believe all parents are Super Moms and Super Dads, as raising kids just isn’t easy, but the true Super Mom in our crew this week is Susan.  She dared to go to Costco with three!  I warned her not to, practically begged her, but she was determined.  When she got to the door with the double stroller and S. by her side, she suddenly realized it would be impossible.  Um yeah, I told her, just like I tell her she can’t parallel park in that spot that is half the size of her car but what does she do? Instead of racing out the door like I would have when I realized Costco was no place for me (come to think of it I do that when I’m alone) she simply turned to the guy at the door and said, “Do you have someone who can help me shop?  I can’t do this on my own.” Suddenly out came a shopping assistant that took them around the store, gathered the items and stayed with her all the way through checkout.  Who knew?  So, props to Costco for having this unknown fabulous service available and huge props to Susan for taking on the impossible and having the courage to admit that she needed help.  She is Super Mom.  She does it in stride, she’s not afraid of anything and she knows when to ask for help.  I’d like to say I taught her well but this time I think it’s all her!

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