Gay? Polygamous? Hippie Freaks? What ARE Those People?

The Next Family

By Beverly Prince-Sayward


According to our local zoo, my brother and I are married.  Yep, that’s what they decided must be the case when I filled out our family membership.  You see I put my wife and myself as the two adults and our children as the children; that seemed appropriate to me. Then I put my brother, good old Uncle John who lives with us, as the nanny.  That way Uncle John can take the children to the zoo as well.  The zoo apparently felt I must have filled out the form incorrectly and decided to change it so that my brother and I are married and my wife is our nanny.

Yes, living in a household with two moms, one uncle, three kids, three dogs, and two cats is quite the absurdity in our neighborhood.  To top that off, we homeschool, Momma Kat works from a home office and is in the National Guard, Uncle John helps around the house with things like doing dishes and playing with the kids, and Momma Bev (that’s me) is the so-called homeschooling momma who can often be seen in our backyard organic garden.  Our neighborhood of single people and heterosexual couples who work 9 to 5 jobs and have exactly two kids and one dog just doesn’t know what to think of us.  My guess is they wonder where we all sleep and what the blazing fires we do all day!

No, seriously, some of our neighbors are very friendly and open-minded people.  We give them canned salsa from our garden and they fix my wife’s car when it breaks down (mine is still under warranty).  Another family allows their children to play with ours and there’s never any concern that we are too different; in fact they think our daughter is one of the loveliest pre-teens they have met.  Of course we do have those who refuse to smile and turn their heads when we wave, but they exist everywhere, and I bet you can imagine the signs they put in their yards at election times!

For our little sextet, this is life as usual.  People get confused over who is married to whom, which kids belong to which adults, and why we seem to be home so much.

We love our lifestyle; we love each other; and we can’t imagine living any other way.

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