Gestational Surrogate Becomes The Milk Lady – Love and Pride

Gestational Surrogate Becomes The Milk Lady

By: Kelly Rummelhart

My surro baby, Alexander, made it out of the NICU July 8th and then headed back to his home July 13th. He is doing so well and is even up to six and a half pounds! One of the issues with international surrogacy is that you can’t ship breast milk (it would melt and go bad during shipping/in customs). However, I was able to pump for Alexander for the first two weeks.

Here was my final gift before they left:

And here is the last time I got to feed him:

Now, anyone who has ever breastfed knows how much it sucks (ha!) when you stop. Your boobs get rock hard and hurt so bad! This time I decided instead of quitting cold turkey I’d slowly start pumping less and less and then finally end it. Since my own surro babe has left the country, I asked my surro group if any of them needed my extra milk.

Tomorrow, after eleven more days of pumping, I’ll be sending over 3500mL to a precious baby girl who was born to two marvelous dads several weeks ago. She will be heading back to her home (also overseas) in about a week but not before I get to supplement what her own marvelous surrogate has been giving.

I started to get it all packaged up to ship…

After this, I have eleven more days with my rented breast pump. I am down to pumping only 2-3 times a day now and by the first week of August should be completely finished. I do have plans for any milk pumped during the final days -a friend of mine is going back to work and is a little worried about her own pumping, so I’m planning on giving the milk to her and her wife to help supplement.

Just call me The Milk Lady.

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