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By: Kelly Rummelhart

What does one get their Intended Parents for their upcoming Baby Shower? How about a baby?

At the moment I don’t have the mental capacity to write out a long drawn out birth story so I’m going to cut to the chase . . .

Friday June 29th- 34 weeks pregnant

6:00 am- Kelly wakes up to a feeling of peeing herself, twice in about five minutes.

8:00 am- While walking around doing some laundry, Kelly has more “seepage” of fluid. Is it pee? She doesn’t think so. Is it amniotic fluid? Perhaps but it didn’t feel like a “gush” like it had in the past.

9:00 am- Calls into OB and waits to hear back.

10:00 am- Heads into the Birth Center to get checked out.

**SEVERAL HOURS of debate . . . which finally led to a C-section that night**

6:29 pm- Kelly’s surrogate baby Alexander is born

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