What a Sweet Face!

By: Kelly Rummelhart

Whenever I go in for the 3D/4D ultrasounds, I’m blown away with how much you can see. It’s like getting a sneak peak at the baby . . . you get to see exactly who you will be meeting in a few weeks, AMAZING! So, above is Little Man! The ultrasound tech said that he had TONS of hair and very large feet! I have already heard in the past that his long bone (leg) measured very long . . . so looks as if he’ll be tall. We shall see.

Now, we had an internet glitch, so the live streaming didn’t work out- BOO! But she did still get some great videos and images that I sent to the parents via cell phone immediately, so that was great. I am also sending out the video tomorrow so they can play it at their baby shower on the 7th of July. I am supposed to Skype in for it, so that should be fun.

It is amazing that we are coming towards the end . . . only a few weeks left. Crazy! Here’s a picture of me taking a break from packing my house up for the big move . . . showing off the 33-week belly.

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