Oh How Quickly Things Can Change

The Next Family

By: Kelly Rummelhart

I am 31 weeks along in this pregnancy. In my mind, I know that pretty much anytime after 36 weeks I could go into labor. I say 36 weeks because that is the earliest I have ever given birth. I also know that it could be as late as 39 weeks, when they will schedule my c-section . . . but as I move my business and move my house I’m trying to not over do it so I don’t push myself into an early labor. Sometimes you can do everything right and still things can happen.

I have a few surrogate friends that are due around the same time as I and three of them are currently in the hospital. One is about two weeks or so ahead of me. She is having issues with toxemia and has been in the hospital for the last few days. Her IPs, who are from another country, have arrived and looks like they may be delivering Monday or Tuesday.

Two other friends both had their water break pretty early . . 28-30 weeks. Both are on hospital bedrest and the staff is keeping an eye on their fluid levels and contractions. So far, so good . . . . I’m hoping they can make it for a few more weeks.

So good vibes headed their way . . . for healthy surrogates, healthy babies, and happy IPs.

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