Sweet Summertime…

Carol Rood

By: Carol Rood


I am at a loss about what to write.  I have been so busy with end of year school stuff, and starting the neighborhood swim team which I am the president of, and end of year religious education stuff at the church where I work, and lots of clients at the dermatologist office where I work, that I am just too tired to think some days.  Oh I forgot to mention Boy Scouts, guitar lessons, and keeping up with grocery getting and household chores.  Yikes!!  I am making myself tired even writing all of that down.

I have a bad habit of getting in over my head, and being unable to back out.  I do want some “me” time, and I usually play my online game I adore, World of Warcraft (yes I am one of THOSE people), but that is usually from 9:30 or so until I finally fall apart at 11:00.  I am up at 6:30 with the boys as they get ready for school, and sweet baby jesus, I am ready for summertime!


I used to make the boys get up by a certain time each day during summer vacation.  I stopped working full time two years ago, and don’t take college classes in the summer so I am available for my boys.  As they hit preteen age years, I was concerned about leaving them to their own devices all day at home, and the thoughts of the harm they could cause to themselves and each other and my home made me begin biting my nails.    Well, not really, because then my hands might not look so cute, but it did worry me greatly!

So anyway, I used to make them get up by 9:00 so they weren’t being “lazy bums”.  Then last summer I realized by doing that I was in actuality screwing myself.  After all, when they are asleep there is no “Mom, can I have?…..”  “Mom, can you take me…..”, “Mom, will you give me…..”, “Mom can you do this for me….”  etc.  It is blissfully quiet until they mosey out of bed around 10:00 am or so.  BLISSFULLY QUIET!  (I felt that needed to be repeated all in caps.)

So, I no longer wake them up, and I get TONS of stuff done while they are sleeping.  Cleaning, laundry, computer work, blogging.  Sometimes I can even get out to the grocery store and back before they wake their little sleepy teenaged heads.  Those days are really fun, because I get to wake them up and make them help me bring food in from the car. *snort*  Oh, the fun we moms get to have at the expense of our kids…love it!!

So I guess I could regale you all more with the fun I have at the expense of my boys, but it will have to wait until another day, because the Boy Scout meeting starts in 30 minutes, and it is my night for carpool.

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