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Light at the End of the Tunnel

By: Kelly Rummelhart

I am freaking out. Nothing really pregnancy related per se, but thinking about what I have to do in the next few weeks has my mind spinning . . .

As a reminder, my husband decided to inform me a week before Christmas, on the way to Disneyland with our kids, that he didn’t want to be married anymore. Since then, I have been healing, making plans, trying to keep things as “normal” as I can for my kids. June is a huge month. This week is my last week at my store. Because of the impending divorce I needed to piece off my business. Friday is my last day and then I have two days to get everything I did not sell moved home, cleaned up for the person moving in, and inventory the items I’m bringing home and what the new person is keeping. The following week is my kids’ last week of school. Then around the 20th I move out of my house and to a whole new city. Why the rush? Well, I needed to close the store, move, and get our new house set up and the kids and I settled before the c-section, which should be the end of July or early August. Since it’s surgery the recovery time is weeks longer than a vaginal, so it needed to be now. UGH! I’m tired just thinking of it all again as I write this.

All this means lots of thinking, planning, packing, and moving. Not fun to do . . . especially in your third trimester of pregnancy. I am trying to save money but at the same time I can’t carry my dresser down the stairs in my current condition, which means hiring movers. I know I need to just suck it up and get in the frame of mind that TONS of work is headed my way. Hell! I’ve been working my butt off already but I’m so tired and frustrated. I know there is light at the end of the tunnel but boy, it looks like a tiny flicker at the moment or a VERY LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG tunnel. Wish me luck.

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