Our Little Pumpkin

By: Kerrie Olejarz

Being at home with Cailyn felt like a temporary adventure.  The fact that she was with us was surreal and the thought that she was with us for life was difficult to wrap our heads around.  It is very difficult to explain this, but others who have struggled for years and finally had a baby understand this all too well.  As we continued to share our story on our personal blog, some of our readers shared these feelings. By the mid two-month point Cailyn was almost sleeping through the night, and the tick tick tick of our Angel Care monitor was the best sound ever to hear through the quiet nights.  Cailyn rarely woke during the night and when she did it was usually for a midnight snack or a spat of colic.  The poor lamb really struggled with gas and abdominal fussiness.  We tried switching formulas, we tried all the colic remedies available, and we always kept her upright after a feed for as long as we could. Any parent who deals with a colicky baby knows how exhausting this can be, and we were coupled with crazy moments of spitting up on top of this.  Cailyn had a bout of constipation and this was quickly resolved with the addition of flax oil and probiotics to her bottles.  Our daily routine included the typical new baby stuff with the addition of dance time.  I would lay Cailyn down on a blanket on the floor and put on some good grooving tunes and she would pump her legs and fists and smile a lot.  I was typically exhausted after this dancing and baby entertaining episode!  Mid October we went to a free car seat clinic sponsored by GM Canada.  The program is great; they have coffee and treats and give you 4 litres of windshield washer fluid then install your car seat -or reinstall, in our case.  As the guy worked hard on our install and explained in detail the why’s and how’s of the install it became evident that the seat took up a lot of space when installed correctly.  By the time it was installed, the front passenger seat was rendered unusable.  Oh no, now what!!  We asked if the seat could be moved to the centre of the back seat, and the answer was no as there was not enough room.  Oh no…looks like we need a new car.  We were on the GM lot and I guess part of the program hopes you will walk the lot and maybe find a new car, but, I am not a GM fan so we left with me hunched over in the passenger seat declaring that this cannot be, and we must find a new car!  Mark agreed and we set out to start our research.   It was close to Halloween and I was inspired by a pic on Face-book, and poor Cailyn became a model in a pumpkin.  Mark’s brother came over with his super nice camera and we set up for the first seasonal shoot of our little girl.  At first, things did not go too well as you can see from the picture, but after a nice warm bottle and some cuddle time, we captured our sweet pumpkin for her first Halloween.   She was definitely our little pumpkin!

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Kerrie Olejarz

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