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Two-Month Check-up

By: Kerrie Olejarz



We had been home for a few weeks and it was time for Cailyn’s two-month check up at the doctor.  We chose to stay with our family doctor and avoid a pediatrician unless absolutely necessary.  We are fortunate that our family doctor does infant care, and that we really like her.  I was excited to see Cailyn’s weight and length gains, but petrified of following through on vaccinations.  Anyone who knows me knows that I always go to my naturopath for treatments: getting a cold – I go for a vitamin and homepathic IV; feeling sluggish – I go for blood ozone treatments. So, needless to say, I feared vaccinating and Mark and I laboured over what to do.  We spent many a night discussing both the pros and cons of vaccinations, and at the end of it we were inconclusive.  Before we had left for India I spoke with the doctor about my hesitations and she made it clear that she would support our decision, whichever way we went.  After a week home, I packed up Cailyn and headed to the doctor with some anxiety.  The appointment went well; we had a general discussion on how she eats, sleeps, and poops.  Then we stripped her down to weigh her and I was pleasantly surprised to see Cailyn weigh in at 8.08lbs, up from her birth weight of 6.37lbs.  This was a perfect weight gain and put Cailyn in the fiftieth percentile.  She had also grown a whopping 4 cm in length, which also landed her in the fiftieth percentile.  The doctor did a thorough physical exam on Cailyn who did not make any fuss.  After the exam, Dr P asked me what we had decided to do with the whole vaccine drama.  She said it was her job to explain to me WHY we should vaccinate, but it was ultimately the parents’ decision on whether or not to do it.  I loved her understanding and support!  I told her we were still on the fence and needed more time.  Fortunately, Dr P totally understood and welcomed my/our hesitation.  She told me to take time to consider it further, and if we decided to vaccinate that we would use the standard vaccine schedule, just at later dates than recommended.  I felt a huge sense of relief having not been pressured into doing it right there and then.   We also discussed the craziness of Cailyn’s spitting up, and as we did so, Cailyn showed off her wonderful spitting up abilities right there in the exam room.  I was so happy she did it as she did not normally spit up a just a little bit, it was a lot.  The volume that would come out at one time was alarming , yet, not too worrisome.  The end result of the discussion was that Cailyn was gaining weight at a good pace and therefore the spitting up, at this point, was more of a laundry problem than anything. At the end of the visit I asked about the Neonatatl heel prick test as this is not standard in India.  I felt it was important to have this test to look for any rare genetic or metabolic issues. Dr P was happy to oblige and told me she would find out where we go to do this and get back to me within a few days.  Over all the first appointment at home went well, Cailyn was healthy and this is what was most important.

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Kerrie Olejarz

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