The First Gay President

By: Tom Butts

Okay, let’s start off with a true statement.  When I heard President Obama had said he favors Same-Sex Marriage or as I prefer to say “Marriage Equality”, I was touched…okay, I got teary-eyed.  It’s powerful to hear your President validate something so personal.  I’ve been with my husband for over 10 years and it’s nice to see it recognized.

Now…to my point…

“Our First Gay President”?  (First off, I thought that was Buchanan.)

Let me do some quick fact checking by

Obama, he’s straight.

He didn’t endorse gay marriage and set dates or proposals to show how he plans to end the inequities of marriage and lack there of.

South Carolina banned interracial marriage until the Federal Government stepped in and told them they couldn’t.

He said he’d leave it up to the states to decide.  Really?  We didn’t leave slavery up to the states or there’d probably be a few that still have it.

Yes, it’s an amazing gesture and I’m sure that I’ll get email telling me that it “takes time…” baby steps…” it will happen…”

I don’t think these words resonated with Rosa Parks and they certainly don’t resonate with me.  I realize that I most certainly should not or expect to be compared to a woman who was so powerful in the civil rights movement, but I also shouldn’t be ignored or counted out.

Marriage equality is just that, treating us all equally, giving us the same federal benefits that married couples get and protecting us.  Really marriage is a conservative concept and some of “us” want to opt in.

I’m not sure that people continually voting on our rights or our equality is healthy for us or them, well, again, I just checked and it’s not healthy…there, I said it.

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