Ahhhhh, They Love Me!

The Next Family

By: Kelly Rummelhart

We’ve made it to 25 weeks and to celebrate, my awesome IPs sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and some chocolates. It totally made my entire weekend!

Time is flying by this pregnancy. Before I know it I will be placing their little man in their arms . . . brand new parents. They are getting really excited and plans for a baby shower are being laid out. Of course, I can’t make it to Australia for it but we have discussed me Skyping into it so everyone can see the belly and meet the person who is caring for their child while he is developing.

Regarding our progress in this pregnancy, everything is measuring perfectly and little man is doing great. He is moving around a lot and some of the kicks can be seen from outside the belly now. I did end up changing not only my OB but also the hospital we’ll be delivering at. My OB had decided to move to Southern California, so I took the opportunity to switch back to a Sacramento-area hospital. I am excited to meet the new OB; I have heard good things about him.

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