The First Few Days Home From India – Love and Pride

The First Few Days Home From India

By: Kerrie Olejarz


The first night home was great.  Clean water, clean clothes, and a proper nursery for our little girl.  We spent most of the evening just staring at her in awe,  like most new parents would.  We received phone calls and a drop in visit from friends.  They wanted to see Cailyn but she was asleep in her crib.  They could not get over how little she was, and this was surprising as they had a five-month-old little girl!  Cailyn slept through their visit, and they promised to see her again really soon when she was awake.  That night was a normal Cailyn night; she fed every couple of hours, we burped her, she would spit up a bit, we could change her bum and her clothes, then do it all over again a couple hours later.  The one item we had on our registry and received as a gift was the Angel Care monitor, and we were so happy to have that.  While in India, we checked Cailyn frequently as she slept, for fear that she might have stopped breathing, but here at home we had the Angel Care which ticks with her breathing.  We could now sit and relax a bit as she slept, knowing that if god forbid she stopped breathing the alarm would go off right away.  The next morning we all were up an at em’, just kicking our heels with JOY that we were home, as a family.  We were expecting a visit from my girlfriend who was super anxious to meet Cailyn after almost daily chats on skype.  I was lucky to have her on skype speed dial to answer any of my questions, or just talk about ideas when it came to me being a new mom.  After we fed Cailyn I decided to tackle some laundry.  Yuck, it would seem that we brought home a pound of dust from India, and every time I moved clothing from the luggage, more dirt and dust appeared.  It was great to get the laundry going, but man oh man, did we have a lot of it!  My first load was baby clothes.  We had so many items that were fitting Cailyn and they all needed to be washed, and since she was a spitter upper, it was important to have lots of clean dry clothes handy for her.  We decided to put Cailyn in her swing, and despite the fact that it seemed to gobble up her tiny body, she seemed to enjoy the soothing motion, all bundled up in cozy blankets.   Mid-day my girlfriend dropped by with her five-month-old daughter, and the obligatory coffee from Tim Horton’s.   It was great to see her and her always warm and bubbly personality.  She was shocked at how small Cailyn was, and totally thought she would see a bigger baby, like she saw on skype.  Turns out skpye adds ten pounds!!  She enjoyed cuddling Cailyn and chatting about our trip.  Her little girl sat so nicely on the couch and enjoyed our adult company.  Of course my friend brought a large bag of adorable hand-me-downs from her daughter, which was just so generous!  She has great taste so we knew the bag would be full of the ultimate in cuteness for a baby girl.  We had a great gab, fed the babies, enjoyed our coffee, and soon our visit ended and we were again just Mom, Dad and Baby.  We had noticed that Cailyn seemed to be very alert from birth, and this was reinforced by both friends and family.  She not only was alert, but strong!  Cailyn was able to hold her neck up from birth, and when not sleeping, always had her eyes open.  The rest of the day was just spent enjoying our little girl and introducing her to the cats.  It was mid September and the weather was still great so we were able to take Cailyn for a walk in her new hypo stroller.  We were very excited to go to a christening on Saturday and see a lot of people who we could share our little girl with.   Saturday ended up being somewhat cool, so we drove to the christening even though it was less than a 15-minute walk.  We arrived just in time for the outdoor ceremony to begin.  The guest of honor looked adorable in her white christening gown, and her big brother dressed in his best apparel.  The ceremony was short and sweet, just perfect.   We all headed inside for some food and drinks, and were now able to unwrap our little bundle to show her off a bit.  We were worried that she would steal the show that day as many people were waiting in anticipation to see our little miracle; I expressed this to the host mom, and she said not to worry, she was equally excited to have Cailyn with them on this special day.  Cailyn was held by many that day and admired.  It was wonderful to share Cailyn with friends.  Most people were quite surprised that I was that mom saying “do you want to hold her?”  I had promised myself I would not be the possessive new mom and so far so good!

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Kerrie Olejarz

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