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Au Pair

By: Brandy Black

I found out that another couple at our preschool with a singleton kid found out they are having twins.  I heard this through the grapevine.  I remember very clearly the feelings of utter fear that came when we found out.  We were in disbelief.  A friend gave the only advice that I could relate to: “the universe is listening.”  All I could hold on to was that somehow, some way, this would all be right one day.

I rapidly began to make my plans but the best of them all was signing up for an au pair.  We struggled with this decision.  Susan was still trying to convince me not to do until the final hour.  I couldn’t believe I was pushing us.  I, remember, am an only child, the one that loves space, the one that despises random drop-by’s, the one that thinks she may feel crowded by her own family.   How could I possibly think I would be ok with a total stranger in our home? I did my research, I talked to a few acquaintances about their experiences, and the bottom line was this was our only option if we were going to try to make this new life of ours work.

After interviewing several people through Cultural Care Au Pair, we met our match.  She is a nurse from Venezuela and we both just knew in our hearts she was the right fit for our family.  Weeks later there she was standing in our living room suitcase in hand.  The first few weeks were strange.  It’s an awkward adjustment.  But now 3 months later it feels like she’s been here forever. All the fears we had were quickly put to rest.  Susan swears we will have an au pair until the kids go off to college.  It is so comforting knowing that your children are in good, kind, loving hands. Our house remains clean and organized, the diaper bags are always stocked, she gives us reminders for ordering diapers, wipes, and all the baby essentials, she helps with the grocery lists and shopping.  Our family desperately needed her and I’m so grateful to have her here. There are many things that I would advise for a large family but this one is a must.

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