By: Kerrie Olejarz

We left the airport, tried to strap Cailyn into her car seat and realized at this point that we had absolutely no idea how to do this!! We fiddled with the straps and buckles and eventually got it all sorted, then snapped into the car seat base. Cailyn was asleep during all of this and was not bothered that she had been pushed and pulled by inexperienced parents into some sort of constraint apparatus.  We piled in our luggage, not so gingerly, and we were ready to go! The drive home from the airport was about 20 minutes and as we pulled into our driveway we were greeted by a beautiful stork sign!  It was kind of funny as this was now mid September and the birth date was August on the sign; I am sure our neighbours wondered what was going on!  It was great to be home, our home, with our daughter.

Waiting inside were family members anxious to finally meet Cailyn after four weeks of seeing her on skype.  After un-clicking the car seat we made our way inside to pure comfort.  Cailyn needed a change, so we offered this task up to any takers.  Gramma offered to do it, but was petrified she would hurt poor little Cailyn.  We spent the rest of the day sharing Cailyn with family, trying to unwind from the last 24 hours of travel and the whole craziness of the last five weeks.  Fortunately I acclimate quickly -Mark, not so much!  We had some food and coffee and soon everyone made their way home, leaving us to settle in as a family.  It felt beyond wonderful to have a baby in our home, our baby.  The nursery was ready for her and we could not wait to place her in her crib and just enjoy this moment!  It felt quite odd after all these years of losses and heartache to finally be in this position.  It was surreal, did not feel permanent, yet felt so overwhelmingly great!

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Kerrie Olejarz

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