Catholic Church and Gay Marriage

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By: Tom Butts


I’m going to have to agree to disagree on this editorial:

Catholic Church right to give voters a say in defining marriage.

There are so many things wrong with that sentence.  Let’s start with the whole separation of church and state.  Much like England and a good chunk of Europe, Protestants protested the Catholic Church and it forcing its beliefs on everyday citizens.  The Catholic Church does not have the right to give voters a say.  Let’s start with some statistics, Catholics make up 16% of Washington state’s population.  That said, it would be like homosexuals giving the voters a say in defining women’s rights (rumor has it that gays make up 7 to 10% of the population).

Richard Bray talks about the church having the right to advocate for the “historical definition of marriage:  one man and one woman…”  I suppose that’s okay, but only within their church, which again is 16% of the population.

He talks about the church and how he is proud of its leading efforts to feed and clothe the poor, give shelter and services to the homeless. (He fails to talk about the controversy of child abuse and their stance on birth control, but I’ll let that slide, no pun intended.)  I will agree, there are a lot of things that the Catholic Church does that is good.  There’s a lot that I personally don’t agree with.  That said, how is it that, as a minority in the state itself, it should think it should be able to “give voters a say”?

It is truly easy to pick on gay marriage.  It’s not something that a lot of people are familiar with; it’s not something that personally affects a lot of people, even within the GLBT community.  That said, it’s a very personal thing and to say that it is the Catholic Church’s responsibility is reckless.  The world has evolved (again not a pun).  Marriages are now mixed race; women have the right to vote.  I would imagine a large number of Catholics have had a divorce, like approximately 50% of American marriages.  Why doesn’t the Catholic Church do something more proactive, support a ban on divorce in Washington state?  That way we’re not taking rights away, we are just truly protecting marriage.  My point here is I do not understand the idea of standing behind the “definition of marriage” – hasn’t that changed over time?

Bray continues on:  “I’m proud that the church consistently fosters the dignity of the human person.  Regardless of your beliefs, or if you have none…”

Homosexuals are human, simple statement.  Let’s foster dignity and recognize the option for two people to provide for each other, love each other, and be treated equally to their heterosexual counterparts.

Most people will agree that gay marriage should probably take a back seat to the 500 years’ of child abuse in the church, right?

Tom Butts is a proud GLBT citizen from the state of Washington in Seattle.

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