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Leaving on a Jet Plane!

By: Kerrie Olejarz

Back from our hospital tour we had to get in high gear to sort through all our stuff and pack it all!  Cailyn napped nicely on the king sized bed as we went through all of our stuff.  Mark continued to cull, and Hariz continued to take away our garbage.  We had three large suitcases and two medium sized carry on bags to deal with.  Mid packing Mark walked over to M Block market to get the last of the cash we needed, and when he returned he brought some lattes and donuts.  We had discovered Mad Over Donuts on the main road, and this became a favourite place of ours to grab a latte after a day of outings or a day of just enjoying our baby.  We took a break to enjoy our coffees and looked at the chaos in the room with dread.  Packing up is actually quite easy, really, going home you can just shove everything in your suitcase and deal with it when you get home.  So, this is what we did.  We turned on the turbo and started making it all fit.  We had a few gifts that we needed to ensure were packed safely, and Rajesh, the BnB owner, gave us a bottle of whisky to take home, so we had to wrap this up and hope it didn’t break on the 24 hour trek home.  Around 9 pm we were good to go, and Rajesh offered us tea while we sorted through our billing and paid up our balance.  Our new friend from the UK could not bear to see us leave and she chose to stay in her room.   Rajesh was always full of stories, some we believed, but most we didn’t.   That was it, we were done!  We just had to wait for Rahul to pick us up and then make our way to the airport.  Around 11:30pm Rahul arrived with his “long” car to take us to the airport.  Mark, Hariz, Rama, and Rahul loaded the car with our luggage, and despite this being the “long” car, we were jammed!  We said our goodbyes, and our UK girl made her appearance to say good bye for now.  We were so fond of her, and she always called herself Cailyn’s Black Auntie!  This  cracked me up, yet made me oddly uncomfortable!  Finally, we were on the road!  It was surreal that we were starting the long trip home.  After about a 30 minute drive we arrived at DEL, Delhi International Airport.  We settled up our 5 week bill with Rahul and joked a lot about his driver Mishra losing some of our invoices!  Finally, into the airport we go, directly to Jet Airways baggage check.  It was just before midnight, and we were tired and running on adrenaline.  At the baggage check counter the associate reviewed our passports.  Cailyn’s temporary passport was white, and stood out as different than ours.  They reviewed it and looked at it for signs of authenticity.   After looking satisfied that this was a legitimate passport, they flipped to the page with her exit visa.  Calmly, the man behind the desk said ” You best get through security before midnight as this Visa will expire then”.  Holy shiza, we panicked!!! Can you imagine our anxiety, OMG, maybe we cannot leave India, how much will new flights cost us, where will we stay, on and on!  We motored our way over to security and the lines were super long.  We stood there, we waited, we waited some more, and finally at almost 1 am, we made it to the security desk.  The young man working it asked for the standard boarding passes and passports.  My heart was in my stomach.  We chose to have me deal with the secuirty check in; I had the advantage of being a blond woman with some charm.  The boy scanned my passport, then Mark’s, then opened Cailyn’s to see the expired Visa.  He looked at me in disbelief.  He asked if I knew it was expired, and I said “Yes, but, we stood in this line for a very long time…long enough for it to expire.  It’s not that big of deal, we can go home right?”  He smiled, nodded, scanned her passport and we walked through to the scanners.  Holy moly, thank god they did not require a blood pressure check at this point as we would have failed drastically!!!  Cailyn continued to be a quiet little angel in her cocoon.  Security had check points for women and for men.  I took Cailyn with me to the women’s check point.  The security people assumed her carrier was a duffel bag and were surprised to see a living baby in it.  I entered the pat down area, I was scanned for metal, and patted down.  The woman looked at Cailyn, asked how old she was.  When I told her four weeks, she was shocked that we would travel with such a young baby.  She looked into Cailyn’s cocoon to ensure we were not smuggling something illegal in via baby carrier.  Finally, I exited the pat down area to find Mark.  We both took a deep breath, smiled and headed to the food court to grab a quick bite to eat before our 2 am boarding.

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Kerrie Olejarz

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