Is Safari the New Journey?

By: Kelly Rummelhart



So, my friend and 3x surrogate Jennifer has always had an issue with calling our surrogacy experiences”journeys.” It is something that I use all the time so I’ve never thought anything about it. Jen uses the term safari, which I thought was hysterical, but now it’s kind of grown on me.

Now, I still use journey because that’s what I’ve always said and I don’t want to confuse any of my readers but safari has definitely become somewhat of an inside joke amongst my surrogacy group.

To wrap up, I’m half way through my final safari. Feeling great, showing a bit, and ready for the pounds to come on. So far I haven’t gained any weight (I don’t usually gain weight until around this time) so I’m sure it will start to creep on pound by pound for the next 17 weeks.

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