Almost Home!

By: Kerrie Olejarz

The feeling of going home was very exciting! We could not wait to show off our little miracle to friends and family in person, not just on Skype!  We has just over 24 hours before we departed, but India was not complete.  We were getting ready to have dinner with intended parents and new parents from New Jersey, Denver, Canada, London, Ireland, and Australia.  The girls from Australia were not able to make it to dinner which was sad, but we had spent time with them and knew that they were super exhausted from all the day trips to the Delhi Newborn Centre, spending time with the preemie twins.  Everyone gathered at our BnB and we had planned to order in food.  After about a half hour of meet and greets, and everyone holding Cailyn and the baby from Ireland we decided to go to Hell.  Hell was an amazing restaurant, western style food, unusual atmosphere, like a western Goth style club, and great service!  Oh, and happy hour, buy one drink get one free!!!  Everyone was on board and we got ready to walk over.  I decided to give Cailyn a bottle and change her bum before we headed over.  The girl from Canada had twins in the Newborn Centre and spent time with me in our room, watching me feed Cailyn and change her.  She was obviously anxious about doing all of this when the twins were finally released from hospital.  And, on top of that, she had one more baby to come from a singleton surrogate pregnancy!!  Three, yes three babies to love and care for!!!  We all headed over to Hell; Cailyn was in her Phil and Ted’s cocoon, sound asleep.  Hell welcomed us with open arms, and knew us as “Mr Mark”…seems we ate there a lot and they got to know us!  The evening was full of sharing and bonding, good food and of course, we indulged in happy hour.  Something about a gin and tonic always puts me in a celebratory mood!  As the evening unwound we were sad to leave these wonderful folks.  The kinship is hard to explain, meeting perfect strangers who just happen to be going through the same thing as you creates an instant and unique bond.   After a long day we decided to start packing a bit as Cailyn slept so nicely in her cocoon.  OMG…did we accumulate a lot of garbage!  As we started chucking we felt bad for the boys at the BnB having to deal with all our crap.  Fortunately, Mark had lots of t-shirts he decided to leave for them so I think that lightened their pain, or at least we felt it did.  We chose to leave all the inexpensive toiletries in India and only pack up the good ones to take back home.  We had given the Aussies all our preemie clothes as they were to small for Cailyn, but somehow, our load was not that much lighter!  After a couple hours we hit the bed and were exhausted, just in time for Miss C to awake for a feed and change.  It was a privilege and pleasure to feed her.  Every precious moment was more than heartfelt for both of us.  She was an angel, our little girl.  In the morning after breakfast we decided to go visit Dr Shivani and say our goodbyes, until next time that is.  She asked us to meet her at her IVF hospital and so we did.  She was gracious enough to offer us a tour and we accepted.  We handed Cailyn off to one of the nurses knowing she was in good hands, scrubbed down and changed in to hospital scrubs to start our tour.  As we exited the general public area of the hospital and went through the double wide door into the surgical and lab part we were almost wisked away by the extreme ventilation system!  This was a pretty cool thing, no air transfer or dust would get into the surgical area as this ventilation system prevented any transfer.  Pretty wild!  The hospital was more than we expected.  State of the art equipment,  industrial HEPA filtration throughout, stainless steel everywhere and the highest quality equipment in the lab.   We were blown away at the facilities,  they were beyond our expectations, and actually stood out beyond what we had seen elsewhere in India and at home.  Dr Shivani gave us a thorough tour, explaining every detail with clarity.   At the end of the tour we talked to Dr Shivani about Baby Number Two, and she said “let’s do your blood test now”!  Haha doc, we are just about to board a plane, not doable, but tempting!!  We changed back into our street clothes and gathered up Cailyn.  The nurse really enjoyed Cailyn and wanted us to all have a picture together.  We settled into one of the patient rooms to feed Cailyn and give her some cuddles.  Being without her was not terrible, but being reunited with her was more than wonderful! We then met up with our friend from the UK who was at the hospital for her IVF shot.  It always felt comfortable, like family when we were around Dr Shivani.  We said our final goodbye to the doctor and were on our way.  I was a little bit sad, leaving Dr Shivani as she had become very important in our daily lives for the last 12 months.  Although we did not spend much time with her, we were going to miss her, just being close to her was really nice.   We decided to make a quick stop at the big mall to buy Cailyn some Indian bangles to have at home.  We decided to get small ones, as we would soon return to India and purchase her some more age appropriate ones at that time.  After the mall, we headed back to the BnB to finish packing and settle up our bill with the owner.  In less than 12 hours we would be on a plane, home!

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Kerrie Olejarz

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