Top Ten Ways to Make a Non-Birth Parent Feel Needed

The Next Family

By: Susan Howard (Brandy Black’s wife)



  1. Routinely leave your spouse with a fed baby for two hours alone. Go out and get your nails done.
  2. Everyday tell your partner one great thing that they are doing right.
  3. Come up with tasks that are only theirs, such as bathing, bedtime stories, swaddling, etc.
  4. Give your spouse a night out with friends.
  5. Book a date night, letting them know that they are your priority and try to not obsessively talk about the kids.
  6. Create a schedule so everybody knows what is happening in the baby’s routine.
  7. Be sure to have your spouse feed the baby.
  8. Sign your spouse up  for a parent and me class in music, yoga or hikes.
  9. If you have an issue with a parenting style first compliment your partner on the things you love that they do and then bring up your concern.
  10.  Quit your bitching, we are tired too.

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