We’re Over Half Way There!

The Next Family

By Kelly Rummelart

We’re 19 weeks and that makes us half-way to the birthdate of Little Man. Pregnancy is about 40 weeks, however, I’ve never made it that far and know I won’t this time either. When you’ve had a c-section, they usually try to get you scheduled before you go on your own.

Past Babies I’ve birthed
Bio Baby #1- 36 weeks

Bio Baby #2- 38 weeks

Bio Baby #3- 37 weeks

Surro Girlies- 38 weeks, 5 days*

Surro Wonder Twins- 37 weeks*

*I never made it to either of my planned c-sections. I went the day before the first time and a few days before the second time. So this time, the OB has discussed planning the birth that last week of July. We’ll see. But that means, we’re over halfway there!

Oh and guess what? I can feel him move now! FINALLY!!!

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