The Rock

By: Joey Uva Enoch

Well the “Rock” finally made it!  If you live in California, you have been hearing about this 340-ton boulder for months.  If you don’t live in California, or you haven’t heard about LACMA’s new art installation “Levitated Mass”, it’s a huge boulder that has traveled for eleven days, through various Southern California counties to finally find its new home at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  The “Rock” will be installed in an exhibit where you will be able to walk under a pathway from where the rock will be suspended.

Living only two blocks from LACMA, I thought it would be great to introduce Grace to this.  She could see it as it just arrived and then we could see the exhibit when it’s finally completed.  Last week I told Grace that we would be having a “Pajama Rock Viewing Breakfast” which would consist of us leaving the house in our pajamas when we woke up on Saturday morning to see the rock as it arrived, followed by breakfast out.  I think Grace was more excited by getting to leave the house in her pajamas for breakfast than going to see a rock.  Regardless, I explained the rock’s eleven-day journey, how much it weighed, and what the museum planned to do with it.

On Saturday morning at 6:30am we walked over to LACMA.  The boulder was on a huge custom built transportation vehicle that was made just for the journey.  The custom vehicle was said to have 196 wheels to help distribute the weight of the rock to prevent damage to the roads while it was traveling.  Trevor asked Grace, “How many elephants do you think it takes to weigh 340 tons?” I could see Grace’s mind spinning until she said, “How many tons does one elephant weigh?”  We had to Google it later; one grown male elephant can weigh between six and eight tons.  So that rock is about as heavy as fifty grown elephants!  Grace commented on how big the rock was and seemed fascinated that we would be able to walk under it one day as we looked at the cement pathway that was being constructed for it.  I still think she liked being out in her pajamas for breakfast more.

I am looking forward to taking Grace back to visit the “Levitated Mass” once it’s fully constructed.  And, who knows, maybe one day when she is all grown up she’ll look back and remember the day the “Rock” arrived at LACMA.  The day we got to wear our pajamas to breakfast just to see a rock.

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Joey Uva Enoch

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