Time Flies!

The Next Family

By: Kelly Rummelhart

Once I had my own children, I was amazed how quickly time went by. Even now, Ruby is ten years old and I swear it feels as if she were born only a few years ago. I think about my marriage . . . I spent thirteen years with my R. and now in the “remains” of it all, it didn’t feel like that long at all. Hell, my twenty-year high school reunion is this year and NO WAY has twenty years passed.

I am sure I am preaching to the choir. We all feel the same way, especially those of us that are parents but I will tell you that one thing makes time fly even quicker . . . having surro-babes. My friend mentioned that today was her laborversary; one year ago she was in labor with her surro-twins. I would swear she just gave birth . . . if asked I would’ve guessed maybe six months ago? Even my own surro-kiddos . . . I’ve blinked my eyes and Natasha and Anjali are a little over 3 years (39 months) and Gideon and Harper are 17 months now . . . . again, didn’t I just give birth to them all?

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