Simple Sunday

Joey Uva Enoch

By: Joey Uva Enoch

This past Sunday Trevor, Grace, and I had a great afternoon on the ocean.  Our friends Nick and Micheal invited us for a lunch time boat ride just off the coast of Long Beach.

We started off the day with a very cloudy and cold Sunday morning.  Grace was extremely excited about our planned boat ride, she even made sure to let me know that her outfit for the day had to be something “ocean like”; she picked her penguin t-shirt from Sea World to wear.  She also remembered that I said we must leave at 9:15am in the morning and promptly let me know when we had missed our deadline by a few minutes.  “We need to hurry!” she exclaimed.  We all bundled up, packed some items for lunch and drove down to Long Beach.  As we arrived at the Shoreline Village Marina we noticed the clouds were breaking up a bit. It looked like we might get a little sun.

As we were heading out to sea, the clouds all lifted and the sky became clear and bright.  This is kind of the same feeling I had about being on the boat.  The boat was peaceful and water has always been so relaxing to me.  It cleared my mind of all the clouds that I let fill it with schedules, tasks, and things that needed to get done.  Grace was beyond excited, she was all over the boat.  She lay on the little triangle bed that was housed in the front of the cabin saying how great it was to feel the boat move while lying down and relaxing.  She sat on the back deck of the boat enjoying the fresh ocean air with her hair blowing in the wind.  She sat on the small upper deck and took advantage of the spectacular view.  Trevor got a lesson from Michael on how to captain the boat.  He loves being the driver when in the car so captain of the boat would be right up his alley.

As we approached noon, Nick made tuna sandwiches for lunch which we had along with some other goodies that were placed on the small dining table in the cabin.  What could be better than a little lunch, a good glass of wine, great friends and family on a sunny Sunday boat ride?  I was in heaven.  At this point I wasn’t sure who was enjoying the boat ride more.  I’m sure we each had our own little sense of where our joy at that moment came from but sharing the experience together was definitely the best part.

Sometimes I let my mind get flooded with all the responsibilities of life, all that has to be done and the challenges that come with that.  It’s times like this, when a boat ride on a beautiful day reminds me of what a great life I have and how lucky I truly am.  It’s nice to let everything go for a few hours and enjoy the beauty of a simple Sunday boat ride.

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