Did You Feel That? Me Neither.

By: Kelly Rummelhart

Here we are at 16 weeks . . . doing well and hanging in there. I have a few friends who are also about 15-16 weeks pregnant with their surro babes. It’s fun to see the similarities and differences between us. Apparently, I’m the one that is totally not in touch with my body. They have both already felt their surro-babes moving around . . . me? Nope.

Now, to be fair, I’ve always been very late feeling any of the babies, even my own. I remember reading that most pregnant women will feel movement around 16-22 weeks, later if it’s their first time. I’ve always been on the late end of the spectrum, even when I carried twins and, apparently, even when it’s my 6th pregnancy.

Who knows? Maybe by next week, I’ll have some exciting news to report about flips, kicks, kart-wheels and bumps. Ehhhh, probably not. Who am I kidding?

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