What’s in a Name?

Joey Uva Enoch



Trevor and I recently became domestic partners.  We have talked for a couple years about getting married and thought we’d wait until it was legal again in California for same sex couples to get married.  We both still very much want to get married but don’t want to wait on California. We have many plans and things we want to accomplish for ourselves and our family.  Today is here and we can’t wait on tomorrow to get moving on our life plans.

With the process of buying our first home (we are currently in escrow) in full swing and our adoption certification in mid stream, we really need to continue to make the life we want for ourselves in all areas.

With our domestic partnership we decided to take the option of changing our last names in the process.  We combined our two last names, mine being “Uva” and Trevor’s being “Enoch”, so now our last names are officially “Uva Enoch”, I personally like the way it sounds.

We had many people who thought it was great and congratulated us on taking each other’s name.  We also had a few people who thought it was a bit odd and maybe old school to take on each other’s names.  We both appreciate our given surnames.  I am very aware of how my surname came to be and its travels to the United States from Italy; I appreciate all that it represents.

For Trevor and me, combining our last names was not just a statement of our dedication to each other and our relationship, it’s much more.  It represents our families who have joined together, the family we are creating, the future of our family and the life we are building together.  We are equal in our jouney together in this great thing called life.

So today and going forward, I give you,

Joseph Uva Enoch & Trevor Uva Enoch

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