The Patience Award

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By: Kelly Rummelhart

I have blogged before about how surrogacy is all about “hurry up and wait”. Most surrogates know this saying well. Now every now and then, you’ll hear of a surrogate matching and transferring within 2-3 months, but that is NOT the norm.

Now, I wanted to go to the other extreme and give my friend and fellow surrogate, Andrea, The Patience Award…

Andrea is FINALLY going in for her transfer on Valentine’s Day! It has been a LLLLLLOOOONNNNNNGGGGG road for her. She started her journey as a surrogate at another agency. Once she was matched and screened, they hit a “road bump”. She parted ways with her agency. Now, by this time I knew and LOVED her, so I had her apply to my agency, who decided that she’d make a great surrogate and continued the process.

She was matched with a new couple and things were looking great. Then, just as they were headed for an embryo transfer, it was cancelled!

Andrea started blogging and made the big announcement September 2010, had a cancelled transfer September of 2011, and she’s finally going to get knocked up February 14, 2012. So for jumping through TONS of hoops all in hopes of helping a couple have a baby, I’d like to present Andrea with The Patience Award!

*If you would like to read on her journey and follow as she gets pregnant you can follow her at her blog: My Body. Their Baby

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