Seven and Change

Joey Uva Enoch

By: Joey Uva


Grace just turned seven last week.  It’s hard to believe how fast the years have gone.  We’ve been through good times, challenges, great times, and hard times but none of that has been able to stop the hand of time.

It has been said that every seven years begins a new cycle within one’s lifetime, and that every cell in your body changes within a seven-year period.  The first seven years of life are said to be the foundation for growth and change, where language, concepts, structure, ideas, instincts of hunger, and the need for love and protection are developed.  The first seven years of life set us up for the next seven-year cycle.

Grace is now entering the second seven years of her life; lots of changes are on the horizon.  The second seven years of life are considered the cycle of continuous growth.  The development of a sense of right and wrong and social responsibility starts to really develop.  We broaden in our experiences and test our abilities of the outside world, much different than our previous inner world development.  The beginning of new maturity approaches as we start to reach puberty and adolescence.  We grow physically and physiologically.  It is said that the habits learned in the first seven years of life are now part of the character of the growing child.

Grace is changing.  She’s more independent, she knows her likes and dislikes and is beginning to develop more self confidence.  I know she’ll mature and grow and this I hope I am ready for.  This is a new cycle for me too.  I have a new experience in life to be had along with her.  I pray the habits she takes with her as she grows into adolescence are good ones.  I pray that she becomes a responsible, socially conscience and empathetic person as she enters into this new phase of life.

Our daughter is no longer the little girl we knew at three, four, or five.  She is changing and growing.  She makes me proud to be a father and my love for her will be here for all the change yet to come.

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