An Interview with Amy Wise – Love and Pride

An Interview with Amy Wise

Interview with Amy Wise by The Next Family

The Next Family continues its series on writer interviews with the always positive, full of love, Amy Wise. Please visit the comments section to ask Amy more.

TNF: How has it been blogging for TNF?

I truly enjoy writing for The Next Family. I LOVE the diversity! From the writers to the topics…it is a wonderful blend of today’s world. Everyone that writes for them and is involved with the site are just wonderful, talented people. I’m honored to be a writer for such an important modern family web site.

TNF: How is your family like every other family and how is it different?

It’s funny you ask this question because the very first blog I wrote for TNF was about just that. I asked the question, “Are we an interracial family or just a family?” The answer is: we are a family just like everyone else. The ONLY difference happens to be our skin colors. We play, work, laugh, cry, learn, grow, live, and love. We are a normal family that is looked at differently because of our outer appearances, when all that really matters is what’s on the inside. Our “insides” are filled with huge hearts. People just need to take the time to get to know us so they can “see” those hearts.

TNF: Did your family accept you and your lifestyle? If yes, explain and if not explain what you have done to help them to accept your decisions and your lifestyle.

My husband’s family did not accept me at all. Even after we were married and had our daughter I was still an “issue.” It took years of getting to know each other before all the negative feelings went away. They finally saw beyond my skin color and into my heart and realized there was nothing to dislike. We now love each other completely. My family, on the other hand, accepted Jamie right away. They said, “As long as he makes you happy and treats you right, that is all that matters to us.” They did have concerns with how society would treat their interracial grandchildren. They said it would break their hearts if someone had racist attitudes towards their grandchildren. Racism is something that we have dealt with as circumstances arise because unfortunately society has a long way to go. Thankfully we no longer have family conflict…society is next.

TNF: How do you juggle the work at home with your jobs?

I work full time as a writer and my “office” is my home. I am currently working on multiple books and projects that require a lot of thought and a clear mind. I have to be very disciplined when it comes to my time. It’s so easy to get distracted. I have an old fashioned organizer where I list my writing deadlines, projects, chores, errands, appointments, etc. I make sure that each day is a balance of the “to do’s”. I’m realistic about my time and split it between writing, family, house, friends, and me. It has taken years to prioritize but I finally have a balance that gives me peace and allows me time to get it ALL done!

TNF: What lessons do you feel are the most important to teach children in this day and age? Are there any lessons they, or perhaps we as parents should unlearn?

Believe in yourself. Be your own champion. When it comes to YOUR dreams and your life choices, don’t follow society, don’t follow your friends, don’t follow your parents, don’t follow the media, don’t follow the money…DO follow YOUR heart! The path you choose is the life you lead. Choose wisely. There are some parents that need to “unlearn” the teaching of hateful beliefs. I’ve said this a million times: Nobody is born a bigot. Racism is taught. Let’s stop teaching it. If every child born today were taught to treat everyone equal, there would be no racism, no hate, no homophobia, no bullying, only love. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

TNF: Any words of wisdom to pass on to our readers?

The one thing that I tell everyone is, no matter what life throws at you, always follow your dreams. Work patiently towards them and suddenly, one day, you’ll wake up and find they aren’t dreams anymore…they’ve actually come true!If you fall, don’t try and get up by yourself, reach for someone’s hand. Then do the same for someone else when you’re standing tall. Lead by example. Live your best life. Love your spouse. Hug your child. Help your neighbor. Inspire the next generation.

TNF: Anything you want our readers to know about you or your family?

Our family has been through trials and tribulations that would make your head spin. However, through it all we continue to be there for each other and have become even stronger because of it. We listen to each other, we respect each other, and we love each other. Tatiana graduated a year early from high school so we are now enjoying the time with her before she heads off to college next summer to major in dance. She is working part time and continuing with her dance classes. Our family is shifting as we watch her get ready to transition to campus. It’s an exciting time for all of us. I’m thrilled to be working from home so I can enjoy every last minute she is here. Jamie works five minutes from home so he is always close by even when he is at work. The three of us have learned so much about each other during this time. I’m so thankful. I look forward to what lies ahead for Tatiana in college and for us as a couple. What an adventure it continues to be for all of us. My family means the world to me…I treasure them!

Thank you Amy. Your love for your family and for the world in general is an inspiration! And your family is gorgeous!

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