No Food Cravings Yet . . .

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By: Kelly Rummelhart

We’ve made it to nine weeks and I still feel great. I am a bit tired, which is perfectly normal for most pregnancies in the first trimester. I have lost a few pounds so far, which for me is normal. I am already overweight, so historically I don’t tend to start gaining weight until around 16-20 weeks . . . then it all piles on.

My lack of early weight gain this time around is probably based on two things. One is a stressful event that has happened in my personal life and the other is that I have not had any food cravings yet. I usually have cravings with every pregnancy:

Ruby- nacho cheese
Preston- Fuji apples
Sawyer- anything sweet
My surro-girlies- Starbucks banana chocoloate vivano smoothie
My surro wonder-twins- lemon . . . lemon water, lemon yogurt, lemon bars

But this time around, nothing so far. I always crave cupcakes and pizza, so that’s not new. We still have plenty of time to see if I develop some sort of craving, so I’ll keep you posted.

Did you have any cravings in your pregnancies?

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