2012 Here We Come!

Joey Uva Enoch

By: Joey Uva


Wow!  Another year has passed and 2012 is just days away.  Earlier this year I started making a vision board with those things I wanted to accomplish.  Well, I started my vision board and that was it.  I didn’t follow through on finishing it or my plans on accomplishing any of those things on it.

The first thing on my vision board was to get in better shape.  In 2009 I trained for six months to run the Honolulu marathon.  I lost weight, felt great, and every weekend I was pumped full of enough endorphins to power the electricity in our home.  I haven’t run much since, I have gained all the weight back, and I have just enough energy to power through the day, most of the time.

The second was family.  One of the pictures on my vision board was two men sitting together with three children.  Well, when Trevor saw that picuture he said “Three kids! Really!!!”  I don’t know what it is about three children, but just seems like the right number –it just does.  We have talked a lot about having more children throughout the year but haven’t advanced much on that front either.

The third thing was our dream home.  Trevor and I are ready to start looking for that home.  A home we can truly call ours.  A home where we can grow as a family.  We haven’t had much progress there either.

Those were the three items that made it on to my vision board without much progress due to my lack of focus and determination.

Well, it’s time for change.  It’s time to focus on my life, our family, and our future.  2012 is right around the corner and New Year’s resolutions are due.  I have never made a New Year’s resolution in my life.  I have never believed that the first day of a New Year marked some sort of magical change that made life go exactly as you want it to.  In fact, most of the time life doesn’t go the way you’ve planned.

This year I am turning a new leaf!  I am going to finish my vision board and focus on those things that are important to me, Trevor and our future.

I am going to remind myself every day that being healthier just feels good.  I am going to need to feel good if I want to accomplish my goals.

We are going push forward on the process of adoption that Trevor and I have been talking about all year.  We’ll push through our fear of the unkown about the whole process and begin.  If we want it bad enough, we have to walk through that door without knowing what’s on the other side.

We will focus and plan on what we need to do to get us closer to that home we really want.  We need a plan and a plan we will make.

I am not saying all our dreams will come true 2012 but I sure as hell am going to start to reach for them!  Here I come 2012!!!  You better be ready because I am coming out swinging!!!

We are truly lucky that we have plenty of love and support from our family and friends.  So to all those who have been by our sides, cheering us on and full of love and support, I say, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!  We love you!  Happy 2012!  It’s time to make our dreams come true!!!

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