One Embryo. One Heartbeat. Three Sighs of Relief.

The Next Family

By: Kelly Rummelhart

My IPs flew in from Australia on their way to ski in Aspen for holiday. It was great to see them and spend some more time together.

On Wednesday, I picked them up at their hotel in Sacramento and drove us all to our very first ultrasound. There the doctor was able to find the sac, egg yolk, and even the heartbeat. It was great to see the little flicker. She also had me hold my breath and was able to pick up the baby’s heart rate, 116.

Later, we went to dinner and talked about how exciting the next few months would be. We made plans to meet up at my house the next afternoon. When they arrived my kids were bouncing off the walls with excitement. We hung out for a while, visiting with the kids and then took off so I could show them the hospital we’ll be delivering at.

Overall, we had a great visit. Not sure if I’ll see them again before the delivery, but it was great to have them there for the first ultrasound.

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