Looking Forward to the End of July!

The Next Family

By: Kelly Rummelhart

Guess who got a positive home pregnancy test?
This girl!

Guess who got a positive BETA test?
This girl!

Guess who is due to give birth August 11th?
This girl! . . . but it will be more like late July.

Still very excited that the blastocyst (that the doctor stated was “slow growing” and “not the best”) decided to STICK around with me. Things are going great and I’m feeling good. My Intended Parents are over the moon.

So, what’s next?
Well, I have my ultrasound scheduled for the 21st and I’m excited to say the parents will be there! They are coming to the U.S. for holiday and are stopping into Sacramento for the ultrasound, to meet my kids, and visit me in my hometown. I am thrilled that they’ll be able to see where their fetus will be living for the next several months. I am also excited that my kids will be able to meet the IPs. I think it is very important for my children to see who the baby/babies belong to and who will be taking them after I deliver. I also love for my children to meet more people who happen to be gay . . . it’s a reminder that when they grow up they can love ANYONE they want.

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