A Tall Glass of Water!

By: Kelly Rummelhart
By: Kelly Rummelhart

Just wanted to share with you what I do pretty much each day. This excitement is my preparing to get pregnant/holding on to a pregnancy regimen.

At the top are 3 vaginal suppositories with applicators. They SHOULD also come with a supply of panty liners, if you ask me. I am actually quite grateful because the last two journeys there were no applicators (I think you know where I’m going with this one).

You’ll also see my stuff for the injection I have to take once every three days (2 needles and the plunger . . . forgot to get out the vial of hormones). This is much better than the last two journeys. Back then I had an injection every day AND this one every three days. My butt is feeling way better this time around.

Which brings us to the purple squares. Those are the three lozenges I have to have melt under my tongue each day. These are grape and they are awful. At first, they had me wishing I was still on daily injections but I have gotten used to them a little. I tried to suck on candy at the same time to try to camouflage the taste but I eventually figured out it was better if I just did them without and try not to focus on it so much. I will say that I am counting the days down until I have that awful taste out of my mouth, because, of course it lingers. Other surrogates have told me that the mint lozenges aren’t as bad and to run away from the lemon.

The little blue pills are hormones. Again, much better than daily injections.

The last several pills/capsules are different types of vitamins . . . prenatals, DHA, folic acid, etc.

I will be talking all of these until Tuesday if I get a negative BETA (blood pregnancy test) or for several more weeks if I’m confirmed pregnant.

Wish me luck!

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