Irish Twins

John Jericiau

By: John Jericiau

I thought I knew how sleep deprivation felt. I was wrong. I pulled many all nighters for big exams in college, while at the same time competed in cross country and track, swam and cycled on my own, maintained a relationship (or two) and handled the pressures of being dorm president. Flash-forward twenty plus years and I figured I could easily do the same thing now that we had our newborn son Devin safely in our house. However, college was a long time ago and I forgot that after a college all nighter I could sleep in the next day to make up for all that lost sleep. With the baby I quickly realized that the rejuvenating nap I needed would not be coming any time soon. Yes, I read in the books that you simply nap whenever your baby does and you can stay rested. I think these books were written by people who don’t have to clean their house, pay bills, exercise, cook, make phone calls, or blog. Or prepare for the next baby.

Within the first few weeks of Devin’s arrival we were already beginning down the prenatal road to Baby Number 2. As tired as I was I still had to attend many doctor’s appointments, some for Devin and some with our friend/surrogate for the new baby. It was amazing that both of these miracles were happening to us at the same time – Devin getting bigger and bigger, smiling, laughing, while our surrogate was getting bigger and bigger, and luckily still smiling and still laughing. Never once complaining about the sometimes painful shots of fertility medications, she continued her upbeat attitude as the pregnancy progressed. While at our house for a visit she would often hold Devin as he slept, and I smiled at the thought of the two siblings being in such close proximity.

A weekly birthing class was scheduled near the 7th month of pregnancy, and I felt so fortunate to have the chance to experience all these activities that I had missed with Devin. My friend and I bonded during these times, and I felt so fortunate that we had her in our lives helping us to fulfill this dream.

We reached the eve of the 8th month and completed the hospital tour. It’s a different hospital than where Devin was born, so it was good to learn where to park and where to register in the event that we had to race over there. Since Devin was induced and our friend seemed to be holding it all together I had it in my mind that we would be picking a convenient day for the birth of this baby as well.

Our friend was housesitting so after the hospital tour we dropped her off in the Valley and headed home to watch Desperate Housewives and Amazing Race, our typical Sunday fare. We barely got through dinner when the phone rang. Our friend’s water had broke! Back to the Valley we raced, and we scooped up our friend and sped to the hospital where we then parked and registered just as we had learned to do a few hours before. We had to hand off Devin to our family, since we had no idea how long this was going to take, and Alen and I both wanted to be at this birth, just as we had both been at Devin’s.

It took most of the night, but after finally resorting to a vacuum to help him out, our son Dylan was born healthy – on January 22nd – exactly 8 months after Devin (born May 22nd). And now Daddy (born Dec 22nd) and Papa (born June 22nd), who once upon a time were desperate, find this all nothing short of amazing!

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