Waiting and Waiting and Waiting and Waiting . . .

By: Kelly Rummelhart

Okay, so maybe I have failed this whole “patience” thing. I don’t do well just waiting. I was supposed to fly to LA Thursday and be back Monday, however, our egg donor was not ready so we got pushed back about four days. We have our revised dates. Looks like I’ll be flying down Monday evening and transferring either Tuesday morning or Thursday morning. Yes, that’s Thursday, as in Thanksgiving. We knew this was a possibility and to be honest, I’m totally fine with it. Again, my biggest goal, besides making my IPs parents, was to transfer by the end of November . . . and here we are.

This blog was supposed to be about my transfer, but instead it’s about me still waiting for it . . . typical surrogacy. Remember, if surrogacy teaches us anything, it’s flexibility and patience, whether you want it or not.

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