Five Days to Go!!

By: Kelly Rummelhart

I am soooo excited! In less than a week I’ll be down in Los Angeles for my embryo transfer. The egg donor went in on Sunday to find out what day she’ll be harvesting (where they go in and get all the ova). Depending on what they see during her monitoring appointments, they will schedule her harvest and then schedule me, the gestational surrogate, for a three -or possibly five- day embryo transfer. As of this moment, I have not heard anything to contradict my estimated November 18th (three day) transfer. We shall see . . .

My intended parents are international, so they will be unable to make it to the transfer. Instead, they are going to be in the States in December, so hopefully things go well and they can see their fetus during an ultrasound. Since the IPs won’t be making it, I’m traveling with my best friend, who is also scheduled for her third journey transfer a few days after me! There are also a few other surrogates I know from online that are transferring before or after me, and I’m hoping to get to meet a few of them in person.

So the next time I’ll be blogging, I may be knocked up! Wish us luck.

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