The Next Sounds: Mayer Hawthorne

Sierra Drucker

By: Sierra Drucker

Mayer Hawthorne is one smooth crooner for the modern age.  He made the move from indie label Stones Throw to Universal Republic for his sophomore release How Do You Do, released earlier this month.

This soul-loving hipster recalls influences such as Curtis Mayfield and Smokey Robinson.  And while his music is certainly a revival of these Motown greats, Hawthorne adds his own progressive spin with tight production and a modern hilarity.

Check out his latest video for “The Walk”, which is essentially an abbreviated version of the film Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  Why?  Because he can.

Hawthorne knows that trends in music like the throwback genre are short-lived, so he’s clearly having fun while it lasts.  Taking a tongue in cheek attitude to the lyrics, he keeps the themes light, even adding Snoop Dogg as a side artist on the decidedly silky and smirk-inducing R&B jam “Can’t Stop.”

One of my favorites, “A Long Time”, is a simple upbeat song about Hawthorne’s beloved Motor City, where much of his musical inspiration came from.

“A Long Time” – Mayer Hawthorne


Electrofunk duo Chromeo, who share a mutual affection with Mayer Hawthorne, put a new-wave spin on this track to create a driving neon-tinged dance jam.

“A Long Time (Chromeo Remix)” – Mayer Hawthorne

If you’re feeling nostalgic, take a listen the rest of his album here.


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