Laughing As We Plunge

Danny Thomas

By: Danny Thomas

I’ve been wanting to write about these thoughts I’ve been having about presence.

About being present in my relationships
About loving kindness
Actively being kind and loving
Looking at people as connected to me
Rather than other or apart…
And how that relates to family…
Parenting in particular…
When I start to look at my children as my
And their responsibilityhood starts to overshadow their human beinghood

I also have been thinking I should write about
My new job
About making the transition from
Full-time homemaker to
Working parent…
How I have missed my kids more than I imagined,
That I knew I’d miss them, but the time apart
Is a new and strange kind of heartache
But how that is counterbalanced by
A vitality and gratification I experience having a working life
That, oddly, had been taken for granted in jobs I had prior to full-time homemaker.
I hope to not lose sight of that again.

But these musings are pushed out of my mind
by something else
By a problem more pervasive, more distressing,
More immediate.
A real-world mystery that needs solving, but may, in actuality, be without a solution.

The unrelenting question is this:
How can we be using 6 rolls of toilet paper a week?

Look, I know I’m probably sharing too much
If the topic makes you uncomfortable I apologize.
I don’t always have great boundaries with regard to bathroom matters…
In fact, I once carried on a conversation with Jen and a few of her classmates
For the better part of an afternoon
Regarding from which angle one approaches wiping…

As uncomfortable as these topics may be, we can always learn from sharing, right?
I can’t figure out how to reason with a three-year-old about
Toilet paper usage.
We didn’t come across this particular challenge the first time around.
Tho, the five-year-old has recently discovered how fun it is to watch the roll spin
When you get it going fast, the paper really shoots off of there…

We have the older one counting sheets now…
Seems to help.
Look I want them to be thorough,
but this is a very old house, with very old plumbing…

I have cast out to friends and family
Virtually and in person
Seeking advice on these matters
And several friends have come up with great advice
Most of it coming down to
Figuring out how to have a somewhat philosophical approach…
And I guess that’s what we have to do…
To keep our sense of humor
So we can continue
Laughing as we plunge…

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