When Man Plans, God Laughs

By: Tanya Dodd-Hise

We’re getting closer – even closer than we had originally planned.  As you may remember, our sweet baby girl is scheduled to arrive on 11/1/11 via a planned C-section.  Well, we now know that this isn’t going to happen. But that’s about all we DO know at this point.  I’ve always heard people say that “when man plans, God laughs”, and am finding that it seems to be true.  My mother-in-law said that life is what happens when we’re busy making plans; that is NO LIE.

Last Wednesday we went for our weekly appointment at the doctor’s office, hoping for an uneventful visit and possibly a short afternoon trip to the state fair before it closed (to get some of the weird, fried fair food).  Yeah, THAT didn’t happen.  We went in, had our sonogram, did the vitals, and got put into a room to watch their short C-section DVD.  Soon, the nurse came in and informed us that Erikka’s blood pressure was a little too high for another week, so the doctor wanted us to go over to the hospital and be monitored for a few hours.  Well great.  Alrighty then.  So much for our fun little afternoon trip to the fair.  We left the doctor’s office, with instructions from our awesome OB/GYN that Erikka’s working days are over for a little while because she was now to be on bedrest.  She had already planned to stop working at the end of the week, so it came only two days earlier.  We went over to the hospital and spent a few hours being monitored before they sent us home, with strict orders of bedrest from here on out.

Thursday seemed pretty low-key at our house.  Noah was off at school, Erikka worked from her laptop in the recliner all day, only getting up for bathroom breaks.  My future daughter-in-law (a whole OTHER story) came over and spent the afternoon helping me clean our messy house, while I finished putting things away in the nursery.  I was working with the knowledge from the doctor that we were unlikely to make our delivery date of 11/1/11, so I needed to get everything in order at the house so that we’re ready when our little darling DOES arrive.  At about six o’clock that evening, I’m preparing dinner for all of us when I asked Erikka how her blood pressures had been throughout the day.  She hesitantly gives me the last reading – which was high.  So I then make her tell me what they have been all day. All high.  REALLY high.  I write them all down and decide that it’s time to call the doctor’s answering service.  She wanted me to wait until the next morning, when we had to go to their office anyway, but I was concerned and decided it would be best to call right then.  I had pre-eclampsia when I was pregnant with Noah, and my blood pressure readings were like hers have been running; so I had a feeling that she was heading down the same path.  I’m glad I called – the doctor had me take her to the hospital right then, at 8 o’clock last Thursday night. 

And there is where we still sit today…Monday.

Over the weekend the doctor came by each day, saying that she is rescheduling the C-section for this Saturday, 10/29.  Does she think that we will really make it to THAT date?  No, she does not.  So now, after all of our planning and knowing exactly how everything was going to go, we are here, in limbo at the hospital.  Blood pressures are somewhat controlled, and contractions come and go.  We haven’t got a clue when this will happen – but we’re here and we’re ready…and we at least know it will be SOON!

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Tanya Dodd-Hise

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