Break a Leg? Break a Uterus? Good Luck?

The Next Family

By: Kelly Rummelhart

I have a ton of surrogate friends going in for their embryo transfers in the next few weeks so I’ll be sending them tons of “Sticky Dust”, “Baby Dust”, “Sticky Thoughts”, and “Sticky Vibes”.

While these aren’t as well known as, let’s say, “break a leg,” they are all for wishing someone good luck — be it for actors on stage or surrogates on transfer tables.

Another good luck idiom I use for surrogacy is telling friends that their uterus is a magic fountain. This particular statement came from my sister, Jess, about two years ago. One day I was talking with her about my second surrogacy journey and mentioned babies. She said, “babies?” and I explained that with IVF they usually transfer 2-3 embryos hoping that only one (or two) actually take, so that it could be “babies” again. Then she said, “Your uterus is like a magic fountain; you throw hopes in there and dreams come true!”

I thought what she came up with was great and decided to share it with others. I even blogged about making it part of my own positive uterine-talk before my embryo transfer(s). Think positive self-talk, but I envision myself as my uterus: “I am sticky, I am bringing in the embryo . . . I am holding it . . . I am nourishing it . . . I am a magic fountain . . . I am a magic fountain . . . I am a magic fountain . . .”

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