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By: Kerrie Olejarz

Week 33 was here and all was good –no, great!  I looked forward to Sunday, the big baby shower and seeing all the gals. My friend from Hyderabad was in touch to find out when we would be returning to India.  We had decided to land in Delhi in the middle of Week 37, as suggested by Dr Shivani.  It was hard to believe that in three weeks we would be back in India.  Things were feeling great and we so looked forward to the shower and then finally heading back to India.

The shower started at 12:30 on a Sunday.  My sister and girlfriend did a wonderful job of decorating the hall with coloured paper lanterns, balloons, and flowers.  They also added adorable confetti on each table and the cutest paper napkins.  The theme colours were soft green and chocolate brown.  It turned out to be one of the hottest and most humid days of July.  It was intensely hot yet a great day to be inside enjoying my very first official baby shower.  The ladies started to arrive and soon the room was packed.

Friends of ours and Mark’s mom showed up and the gift table got embarrassingly overloaded.  We had also opted to put a basket on the table for any cards, like you do at a wedding, and this basket also quickly filled up. The generosity was overwhelming!  Like any large social function it was difficult for me to speak to everyone.  I did my best but it was not easy.  After two glasses of white wine I was feeling good, and forgot about how uncomfortably short my dress was!  The girls organized a few games which we played throughout the meal.  One of my girlfriends made a beautiful cake.  Around 2pm the Henna artist arrived.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy her and some of the young girls that came with their moms were absolutely giddy about their tattoos.

It soon came time to open the gifts, which was quite a task.  I spent a very long time opening gift bags, wrapped gifts, and cards.  Some of the ladies started leaving because this seemed neverending to both them and me!  It was unbelievable the amount of cash, gift cards, and wonderful baby gear we received. The support from everyone in the room was amazing.

The women really enjoyed my power point presentation that we projected on a loop.  Some of the women had no idea what we had been through and this gave them an idea of our journey.  The 3D baby pics were a source of amazement for some of the older women.  Instead of having a guest book for people to sign I opted to buy a super large matted picture frame and inserted two 3D pics of the baby.  All the ladies signed it, which ended up being a wonderful keepsake to display in the baby’s room.   The shower came to a close and we all, including Mark and his brother, cleaned the hall and packed up the gifts into multiple cars.  Mark’s brother also served as designated photographer at the shower, since he had recently picked up photography as a new hobby –and is quite good!

There was so much food left over that we were all able to take some with us.  Finally at home we unloaded the cars and put everything into the basement.  We took very good care to not mix up gifts and cards as I wanted to be sure I made note of everything for when I wrote my thank you cards.   To my surprise some of our surrogacy friends from around the world had sent gifts to my sister for us to have at the shower.  This was an amazing day, and one that I had looked forward to for 15 years.  I think it seemed even more special knowing how much we had been through and how hard we worked at having a baby.

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