Happy Birthday Babies!

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By: Kelly Rummelhart

My latest set of surro twins, also known as “The Wonder Twins”, turned ONE last week!

So . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gideon and Harper!

I sent them their gifts, as well as the Father’s Day gift that I forgot to bring with me the last time I flew to visit them. I also kept forgetting to mail it too. For the record, I do this with all family. I will purchase or make the gift –weeks before the event. Then it will spend days/weeks in my car, the office at my store, in the laundry room of our house, or all three in no particular order. It’s just how I do things. They’ll get used to it.

On another note, the dads sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers commemorating the birth of their children, a year ago on the 12th of October.

The card got me all misty eyed and reminded me (not that I needed it) of why I love surrogacy. I help make families! It was so very sweet of them to think of me and include me in their special day.

Next month, my first set of surro twins, also known as my “My Surro Girlies”, turn three! We’ve already RSVP’d to their birthday party, so it’s time for me to get to shopping. Luckily, I own a children’s boutique, so I never go anywhere empty handed! (I will also make sure I bring George and Sanj’s Father’s Day gifts.)

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