Foo Fighters Serenade Westboro Baptist Church

S Ralph

By: Shannon Ralph

On August 30, 2011, the homophobic Westboro Baptist Church, known for its chants of “God Hates Fags”, picketed a Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City. The church claims that the Foo Fighters’ song “Keep It Clean (Hot Buns)” encourages “fornication” and “fags”.

In response to the picketing, the band held a surprise impromptu gig outside the venue and serenaded the picketers with an ode to gay sex. Rolling up on a flat-bed truck, dressed in redneck beards, wigs, and trucker hats, the band performed the song. Lyrics included, “Driving all night, got a hankering for something. Think I’m in the mood for some hot man muffins. Mmmm, sounds so fine. Yes, indeed.”

During a break in the song, singer Dave Grohl told the crowd gathered in the street, “I don’t care if you’re black or white or purple of green, whether your Pennsylvanian or Transylvanian, Lady Gaga or Lady Antebellum, it takes all kinds!”

“Men loving women, and women loving men, and men loving men and women loving women…you all now we like to watch that. But what I’d like to say is, God Bless America, y’all!”

The band were jeered by the Westboro Baptists throughout the performance outside Kansas City’s Sprint Centre, but also cheered by a large number of fans watching. Foo Fighters are currently on tour with their seventh album ‘Wasting Light’.

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